Clearing Emotional Clutter

Adopting a daily practice of slowing down unleashes all kinds of magic powers which lead to greater ease and flow and turn into new habits that expand your sense of wellness.

Or to put it more simply: slow down, get into the flow, learn, grow, and sparkle.

In that order.

It takes time to soften resistances that are deeply embedded in our psyche.

It takes time to rewire the brain.

It takes time to grow new habits that feel good and create lasting change.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Theodore Roosevelt

The brain goes into fight-or-flight mode when it sees change, it doesn’t trust change.

When we stick to our old habits our brain knows what to expect.

When we start to change those habits our ‘critter brain’ starts to chatter with all sorts of excuses and reasons for why we should stick to the same routine even if it doesn’t serve our best interest.

You are breaking up old psychological habit patterns, so please be gentle with yourself as you step into this new emotional territory.

Some things just cannot be rushed.

I am continually amazed to discover that no matter how hard some people are striving to make their lives better, no matter how much they have accomplished or how good they feel about themselves, there is almost always one area of their lives where they feel powerless to create the next level of success. If we examine this area, we will undoubtedly find one or more excuses - excuses which claim far more power than our commitment to our proposed goal.

Our negative thoughts are automatic. We all have them, we all use them for excuses, and we all maintain that we are rendered powerless by them. The trick is to recognise them, to roust them out as they are not easy to admit to.

You will recognise some of these obvious limiting messages as they scream loud enough for all to hear; others whisper quietly in our ears: "It's not my fault." "I couldn't help it." "My family needed me." "I can't do it." "It's too big." "I don't have enough money." "I'm too stressed." "I have a headache." "I'll do it next week." "Maybe I'll start tomorrow." I recognise most of these myself.

We hold on to excuses like these to pull out when the going gets tougher than we expected. We can "excuse" ourselves from fulfilling our objectives and behaving like the responsible, powerful, creative human beings that we are…’s the easy way out. As we fall into this trap we lose our power, we give it away to outside influences. We rob ourselves of the ability to create results we wanted in the first place and can lose sight of our dreams for the future.

Can you think of a time when you allowed excuses to smother our best-laid plans and steal away dreams for the life you had hoped for? Can you also think of a time when you produced amazing results - whether in your personal life or in your career – how did that happen? Was your success was won because you didn't allow yourself to use the ‘self sabotage’ that had stopped you in the past. Did you ignore an excuse when it popped up or were you in a flow that could not be stopped.

How did you feel?

What took you passed it?

For some positive and powerful reason you consciously or subconsciously chose that area of your life as an "excuse-free" zone.

While you may have had moments when your progress was halted by you’re your ‘critter brain’, in the end, you remained more committed to your vision than to your reasons, excuses, and justifications.

And if you really look, you'll see that having a current vision for your life - one that deeply inspires you right here and now - is the best antidote to the chronic use of excuses.

By taking the action steps below, prepare for the energy surge that will soon follow.

Take Action Now!

Ask yourself where in your life are you not making the progress you desire and identify the top five excuses you are using to justify this current reality. Remember that at every moment in your life you have a choice to align with your greatest vision for your life OR to align with self sabotage.

Stand tall, reclaim your power.

Use affirmations to hold on to that power:

· I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.

· I no longer focus on what could go wrong, I choose to focus on what can go right.

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that you can make anything happen”.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As you break up old psychological habit patterns you will be leaving a well-trodden path so again, please be gentle with yourself as you step into new emotional territory. Confronting the excuses you've tended to rely on in the past can easily bring up frustration and irritation, notice them with curiosity, shelve them and move on.

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